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Lecture Series

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Alex Wolf (European Commission) - Inequality at the household level from a European perspective
Ahmad Wali Ahmad Yar (VUB, Belgium) - Exploring the Necessity and Challenges of Migration Data
Karin Nilsson (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) - Management by algorithms: the fourth industrial revolution [online only]
Rémy Bonny (Forbidden Colours non-profit association, Belgium) - Scapegoating the LGBTQI+ community in international anti-democratic movements [lecture is organised in collaboration with WE.Konnekt, will not take place on the VUB campus, exact location will be announced later]
Caterina Mauri (VUB, Belgium) - Loneliness and social connectedness in the European Union
Giselinde Kuipers (KULeuven, Belgium) - Beauty and Inequality. Charting new sociological territory
Marco Colagrossi (European Commission) - The transmissions of inequalities across generations
Gruia Badescu (Universität Konstanz, Germany) - Revisiting cosmopolitanism in contemporary Europe
Raquel Rolnik (University of São Paulo, Brazil) - The risk of risks: dispossessions and the right to the city [online only]
Abram De Swaan (Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Netherlands) - The Mentality of Mass Murder [the lecture will take place in the evening, exact time will be announced later]
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